The terroir of sparkling wine
par excellence

The first exclusive Denominación
de Origen (DO) of sparkling wines
from the new world!

The terroir’s characteristics combined with the region’s natural entrepreneurial vocation bring you Altos de Pinto Bandeira, the first Denomination of Origin (D.O.) exclusive to sparkling wines from the New World. Such an achievement is the result of a 10-year process developing the Association of Wine Producers of Pinto Bandeira (Asprovinho), in meticulous work for proofs and adaptations to strict control rules at Aurora, Don Giovanni, Família Geisse and Valmarino wineries which are the four wine cellars licensed to use the D.O.

Sparkling wines from Altos de Pinto Bandeira are synonyms of excellence and versatility due to the certified grape’s quality and origin, and all the steps that the wine go through from vineyard to the glass. They are notably elegant and deliver good body structure (allowing longer aging periods) and preserve excellent freshness & exceptional balance making them very gastronomic too.

between 520m and 770m, terrain of rolling mountainous hills

Pinot Noir
Riesling Itálico


2nd fermentation done in the bottle, aging for at least 12 months over lees

D.O. Altos de Pinto Bandeira wines lean on a numbered and controlled seal which carries the wine’s lot code and the bottle’s batch number.


Enchanting landscapes, fresh air, silence, tranquility, wind, blue skies, araucarias (native pine that grow in southern South America) and vineyards. Our terroir is surrounded by exuberant nature which pairs with the elegance of our sparkling wines and delivers memorable experiences, worthy of good times. Discover Altos de Pinto Bandeira and let yourself be enchanted by our terroir!

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Answered by the Regulatory Council of Altos de Pinto Bandeira!

The label will state the information “D.O. Altos de Pinto Bandeira” and the back label will carry the D.O. seal.

The sparkling wines are fermented using the “Traditional Method”, with autolysis for at least 12 months. The base wine is made with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Riesling grapes grown within the delimited area of the Denomination of Origin Altos de Pinto Bandeira.

Both are Geographical Indications. The IGP (indication géographique protégée) Pinto Bandeira includes still wines and sparkling wines, while the Denomination of Origin Altos de Pinto Bandeira is the first and only D.O. exclusive of sparkling wines from the New World.

Over the years, and later confirmed by technical studies of these three varietals, we realized that these grapes grow and express our terroir best.

To taste sparkling wines, we recommend a flute glass which is the Official Brazilian Sparkling glass. These glasses main feature are their pointed “V” bottom, which provide excellent effervescence and better distribution of the “perlage.” The narrowed top controls the release of the aroma.
In addition, its elongated pedestal ensures less heat exchange between the wine and the taster's hand, preserving the liquid’s lower temperature.